Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Boston Reunion at Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

Living in Boston was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The history of the area, the personal growth, and best of all the FRIENDS I made will always cause me to recall that time in my life with great fondness.

I am so happy to live about 45 minutes from two of my dear friends from Boston that married each other, Scott and Alicia, and we see them frequently. Other friends, Kamber and Brian that also married each other, live in Idaho, and then there's my dear Randi that is taking care of her 83 year old father in Seattle these days. We haven't all seen each other since our reunion in Boston four years ago, and I decided while we were all on the same side of the U.S., we would have another reunion. There is a hot springs in Idaho, so we made a plan and made it happen! Another couple that I didn't know very well but who knew everyone else very well happened to be visiting Utah during our reunion, so they came and joined us too and were positively delightful. In the end there were 12 kids and 10 adults. It was wonderful. I only wish it could have been longer! We all took a turn preparing a meal, and we ate like kings and queens!

The kids played tons and tons of games.

Brian and Kamber prepared made-to-order omelettes and belgian waffles with homemade whip cream and strawberries on Saturday morning. Randi made us bbq sandwiches with homemade coleslaw and homemade mac-n-cheese and the most delightful dessert, called Panacotta. It's this custardy type dessert with Greek yougurt as its base, then she made homemade pistachio sandies she crumbled over it with fresh berries in some kind of yummy homemade berry sauce. DELICIOUS! Randi is a pastry chef and worked at one of the most renowned restaurants in Seattle, the Dahlia Lounge, as a sous pastry chef before she left there to take care of her father. I'm convinced she could prepare shoe leather to taste yummy. When we arrived Friday night, the Buchanans had prepared a baked potato bar, a huge salad, and lemon cake for dessert. Then Sunday morning, David and I (with a lot of help from others as we were scrambling to get packed and loaded before check-out time) made french toast with homemade buttermilk syrup and the Pioneer Woman's sausage breakfast burritos which were AMAZING. Good thing I'm doing Zumba again!

We stayed in an amazing house. It had two living rooms, two kitchens, five bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, and in the master bedroom, there was a jacuzzi tub, a heated floor, and a huge shower with two shower heads. It was so nice and even though there were 22 of us there, everyone had plenty of space to spread out. Ava and Sara Katherine couldn't wait for the hot springs, so they took a swim in the tub before we left and were soon joined but lots of other kids that didn't want to wait!

One of the big jokes of the weekend was how I would swipe everyone's vegetable pieces they were going to toss to take home to put in our compost. I ended up with two full Ziploc bags and everyone else got a good laugh. Randi took home three huge bags of recycling she drove all the way back to Washington though, so I didn't feel quite so weird!

Lava Hot Springs was a stop on the Oregon Trail. The Indians used it for a winter camp site before the white people pushed them out. The water was heavenly. It was 112 degrees in the pool closest to where it came out of the earth, but the pool I hung out in the most was 102. It was perfect. I decided my long hiatus from serious exercise needed to end, so now that David is home, I join a group of girls from church a couple nights a week to do a Zumba/weight training class. It's AWESOME, but I have been so sore the past few weeks. The hot springs helped with the soreness and I felt all the toxins leaving my body!

Our drive from the Hot Springs back to our house; beautiful!

A late night game of Settlers of Cataan, just like the good ol' days!

Sweet, sweet memories!!


kresta shay said...

Those springs are so fun! I have been there for birthday parties and cousin parties when I was a kiddo. The hot springs are down the road from my hometown Burley!

Scott B. said...

We loved every minute of it!!! Thank you so much for making it happen. The house was PERFECT! I loved the hot springs. It was fun for the kids to play together. But mostly I loved being with all of you again just talking and laughing. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I love you all dearly. Let's go back!


Kam said...

OH Jeni, I loved your recap of our fun, fun weekend! It really was all so much fun. Thanks for making all the plans and getting us all together. Who knew Soda Springs could be the perfect getaway vacation!? ;) Missing you!