Tuesday, January 29, 2013

National Zoo Lights/Mount Vernon

I was so thankful we were able to be with David over Christmas. Seeing him was gift enough, but we turned it into an amazing family vacation as well. I find myself making apologies to others who ask me where David is and I tell them D.C. instead of Afghanistan. I almost feel guilty he is "just in D.C." rather than in some farther away, more dangerous place.

Well, after almost five months, I'm saying that's dumb. He is still far away from me and our kids, and it's been a sacrifice for all of us in different ways. So I'm not making any more apologies when people ask me where he has been. Not many people with a deployed spouse get to see that spouse for two weeks during a six month deployment, but we did, and I'm glad for it, and I'm not going to feel guilty about it. So there. That feels better. (Sorry, the blog gets the rant of what I've wanted to tell several people when having conversations about David and where he is over the past several months).

The week before Christmas, we did some fun things around D.C. We went to the National Zoo with our good friends the Aciernos to see the Zoo Lights. David had to work, so we did the zoo with just me, the kids, and the Aciernos and then met David for dinner. Elyse totally planted one on Evan. I'll have to talk with her later about playing harder to get!

Jason was a good sport with all the kiddos!

We went to Mount Vernon on one of David's days off. It was just a few days before Christmas so the place was DEAD! It was nice not to have to fight crowds somewhere for a change!

George, Martha, and the kids.

So many beautifully decorated Christmas trees. I am a sucker for a Christmas tree!

Visitor's center.

George started a tradition of brining in exotic animals around Christmastime and the tradition has stuck. This year was a very friendly camel who was fond of plucking hats off of heads if you got close enough.

The view of the Potomac from the back porch of Mt. Vernon.

The Washingtons' Tomb. When I was nine, my family visited D.C. and there is a picture of me somewhere standing in the same spot in the same pose.

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Sara said...

Isn't Mt Vernon so neat. I loved visiting there. And even with crime on the decline, DC can be a very dangerous place! Somebody has to do his job and if they knew David, they would know that he would readily volunteer to be shipped anywhere. Being without your spouse is hard, regardless of where they are. If they wanted a deployment like his, then they should have gone thru law school.
Thankfully, he'll be home soon. Wish I could come for a visit and keep you company. Hang in there!