Wednesday, December 12, 2012

North Pole Express

The kids and I were treated to a ride on the North Pole Express this past weekend. We've been fortunate to have done some really fun things for free, thanks to the Hearts Apart Program for families with a deployed spouse.

For this activity, we met at the base and loaded up into a 15 passenger van and headed up into the mountains to the Heber Railway. It took about an hour and a half to get up there..I didn't realize it was up above Park City. It was nice not having to drive for a change. That's one thing I get tired of in David's absence...having to drive everywhere.

So we enjoyed the ride and read some Christmas books on the way up then loaded up on the train. We sang Christmas carols and ate cookies and drank hot chocolate and were so excited when we pulled into the North Pole and Santa was there to greet us. We had done something similar a few years ago in Lubbock when Elyse was a baby. She was old enough to enjoy it this year, and she is VERY into Santa. It was a fun trip.

Ethan told me he was too old and too big to wear his pajamas in public. Makes me sad some days that my boy is growing up.

Saturday night, we attended our Ward Christmas party. Our Bishop works in the food industry so we feasted on prime rib, then the kids sang us Christmas carols.

(This is Elyse right before prayer. Isn't she reverent?)

This past Tuesday night was the Relief Society women's Christmas dinner at church. The choral club from the local high school came and sang for us and it was beautiful. Such talent from those teenagers. I love all these Christmas functions that have become part of my Christmas traditions each year.

We leave to go to D.C. to see David on Saturday, and we are all SO excited! He has a few days off while we are there so we are going to go to New York City for a couple days after getting there. I love New York at Christmas! The last time I was in NYC in December was ten years ago and it was in the middle of a blizzard. It was awful except for the friends I was with! I've already checked the weather and it will be in the upper forties while we are there, and that I can live with! We've got a lot of fun things planned while we are in D.C. and the surrounding areas and we get to see family and friends. I've got plenty to do to keep me busy while David works. I'm just glad we will get to be together as a family at Christmas. What a gift.

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