Monday, July 28, 2014

Girls Weekend in Albuquerque

We were pretty lame about taking pictures, but my New Mexico girlfriends and I met up in Albuquerque for the weekend in November for shopping, eating, and catching up. I love these ladies, and I love that we keep in such good touch, even though only two of the six of us are actually still in Clovis (Carlee had to cancel last minute due to some family conflicts and Kimmi had a family conflict that weekend as well!)  It's always a good time when the Clovis girls get together!

Little Moments

Ethan's First Cub Scout Awards and Space Derby

This year, Ethan's cub scout program opted to do a Space Derby instead of a Racecar Derby. They made spaceships then raced them along string. Ethan didn't place, but he won one of the heats, and he was perfectly happy with that. He also go his Bobcat Trail and his Kickball Beltloop for his very first Cub Scout Awards.

Fit of all fits.

I have to document this, I just do. Sara Katherine pitched some pretty good tantrums in her day. I hoped that no other child would equal her in that department, but Elyse gloriously outshined her a time or two. This day was one of those days. We were in Target right after Halloween. I let Elyse pick out a little toy at 70% off. We were walking to the front to check out and on the way up, Elyse stopped at an end cap, picked up a bag of dog treats and then threw them on the floor, just for the fun of throwing them on the floor. I asked her to pick them up and put them back on the shelf. She squared her shoulders, look me straight in the eye and flat out told me, "No." Ooooohhhhhh. That was a big mistake. I took the toy she picked out out of the buggy and set it on the shelf and told her we were going to check out. She started crying and picked up the dog treats and put them back on the shelf, then started begging for her toy back. I told her she lost the toy; there was no way she was getting rewarded for being a brat. The crying and hysteria that ensued was unlike anything I had seen before up to that point in her little three year old life. It got so bad that I ended up taking her to the bathroom where I shoved her down in a corner and she proceeded to scream for THIRTY minutes before she got her crap together and calmed down and apologized. Then we went to check out, WITHOUT THE TOY. Mama won that day!

Halloween 2013

Halloween Day was a marathon. Ethan's grade had a Halloween costume parade, Sara Katherine's grade put on an actual Halloween program (which was so cute), Elyse's preschool had a field trip to the pumpkin patch, then we ate chili and pumpkin pizza with our good friends the Bartons before trick or treating around the neighborhood. I was able to talk the girls into wearing their Princess dresses I bought for Disney World and Ethan wanted to be Harry Potter. I ordered that off Amazon. Easy peasy. We also went to the church's trunk or treat, but I didn't take a single picture. Slackin' off the older my kids get!

Utah Fall

Snow and orange on the mountains. So beautiful!

It became a tradition to meet the Buchanans at Garner Village during the Priesthood session of General Conference to see all the witches and Halloween decorations.

One of my favorite crafty projects I've ever done.

We spent a day of our fall break with the Buchanans at Wheeler Farms.