Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Thanksgiving 2013

David's sister and her family came to visit us just before Thanksgiving and stayed with us, then we all drove up to Mountain Home, ID where David's other sister is stationed in the Air Force. We had Thanksgiving dinner at her house. It was nice to be with family for the holiday.

Catching Up.

It makes me sad that I don't take as many pictures as I used to, that I don't record my feelings and the happenings of our family as diligently as I used too. Part of it is life is just busy and part of it is that the free time I do have I spend doing other things that aren't as important as recording our life and our memories. I want to do better. I'm glad to be finishing up the events of 2013 so I can print off my book and add it to the collection. I love to watch the kids get these books down and pour through them and laugh and remember the things we have done. It's good motivation to keep blogging and keep recording. Sometimes I don't want to take pictures and just want to live in the moment and let life happen. But I also don't want our kids to not remember any piece or event of their childhood. It's a delicate balance. Here's a hodge podge from November.

That is a heap o' love right there.

Ethan had to do a biography book report at school and do some kind of art project to go with it. With David's help, he made a King Tut sculpture. His teacher loved it so much she asked him to leave it in the classroom all year.

Sara Katherine keeping us healthy with fruit kabobs!

First snow...November 16!

My mountains. I miss them so much.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Smarty Pants.

The kids got free Sub Zero ice cream for great report cards. This was the neatest thing...they make the ice cream in front of you starting from fresh cream, adding nitrous oxide to freeze it. Super delicious treat for my smarty pants.


Our next door neighbor's 98 year old sister still lived alone a couple miles away from us. This lady still cross-stitched really big projects, and used a sewing machine and serger...at 98! She could do those things very well, but had a hard time collecting all the nuts and fruits that grew in her yard. Our neighbor (who was in her 80s and living alone) asked us if we'd come over one afternoon and help pick some fruit and nuts. We made out like bandits and came home with grapes, apples, and more walnuts than we knew what to do with. I hope we're given many more opportunities for my children to learn to have a heart for service for others.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Girls Weekend in Albuquerque

We were pretty lame about taking pictures, but my New Mexico girlfriends and I met up in Albuquerque for the weekend in November for shopping, eating, and catching up. I love these ladies, and I love that we keep in such good touch, even though only two of the six of us are actually still in Clovis (Carlee had to cancel last minute due to some family conflicts and Kimmi had a family conflict that weekend as well!)  It's always a good time when the Clovis girls get together!

Little Moments

Ethan's First Cub Scout Awards and Space Derby

This year, Ethan's cub scout program opted to do a Space Derby instead of a Racecar Derby. They made spaceships then raced them along string. Ethan didn't place, but he won one of the heats, and he was perfectly happy with that. He also go his Bobcat Trail and his Kickball Beltloop for his very first Cub Scout Awards.